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Scottish independence and some truth about the "yes" campaign

by Sean DeVries – Scotland and the rest of the UK are in a difficult position, but one side seems to view facts as negative.
Salmon Confidential, a fish out of water
In early March of this year, documentarian Twyla Roscovich released a feature film titled Salmon Confidential
  • Reviews and Guides Icon Reviews and Guides
  • Updated Jun 6th, 2013 by Paul T
Canadians to pay entry fee entering the United States
If you're heading south of the border anytime soon, Canadians are about to face a surcharge of $5.50 if travelling there by air or boat. In a move implemented by the Obama administration, the cash-strapped ...
  • Canadian News Icon Canadian News
  • Updated Oct 24th, 2011 by Christopher Walsh
Amanda Knox innocent of murder
According to a report by journalists, Amanda Knox and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito have been cleared of murder charges they faced in the death of roommate Meredith Kercher, a British exchange student at the Perugia University for foreigners.
  • Arts & Entertainment Icon Arts & Entertainment
  • Updated Oct 3rd, 2011 by Christopher Walsh
Getting Firefox 4 plugins working with Firefox 5
So it's been a couple of weeks since Mozilla released Firefox 5.0 and you're still waiting for your beloved plug-ins to become available?
  • Technology Icon Technology
  • Updated Jul 5th, 2011 by Christopher Walsh
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U.S. Justice Department files antitrust lawsuit against Google
U.S. Justice Department files antitrust lawsuit against Google The United States Justice Department on Tuesday sued Google for.... (by B00Mer)
  • forum In The News
  • Added 2 hours ago by B00Mer
Possible assassination plot on Joe Biden
  • forum In The News
  • Added 6 hours ago by Walter
Isle of Wight: 'Military assistance' sought over tanker stowaways
This is probably some of those lovely asylum seekers the lefties want us to take in... Isle of Wight: 'Military assistance' sought over tanker.... (by Blackleaf)
  • forum In The News
  • Added 11 hours ago by Tecumsehsbones
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman caught on a hot mic dissing military flyovers at NFL games
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman caught on a hot mic dissing military flyovers at NFL games Fox broadcasters Joe Buck, left, and Troy Aikman.... (by B00Mer)
  • forum In The News
  • Added 15 hours ago by Tecumsehsbones
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US Election 2020 🇺🇸 🤯
And to start us off the Obama Cartel family has decided to try for a dynasty like the Bushes and the Clintons before them.. (by B00Mer)
  • forum US-American Politics
  • Updated 10 minutes ago by Cliffy
Global impact: A look at some world leaders who have a big stake in the U.S. election
Global impact: A look at some world leaders who have a big stake in the U.S. election .... (by B00Mer)
  • forum US-American Politics
  • Updated 11 minutes ago by Cliffy
Trump USA : 2020
Nancy Pelosi announces war powers resolution limiting Trump as tensions with Iran escalate. (by Ocean Breeze)
  • forum US-American Politics
  • Updated 12 minutes ago by Cliffy
Bolivia returns to socialism
Luis Arce set to win Bolivia presidential election, returning socialists to power Conservative candidate Carlos Mesa, 2nd among voters, concedes.... (by Cliffy)
  • forum International Politics
  • Updated 17 minutes ago by Jinentonix
Saskatchewan Election
Saskatchewan Election Anyone following these Corn Huskers?? Who is going to win?? Any ideas?. (by B00Mer)
  • forum Canadian Politics
  • Updated 1 hour ago by B00Mer

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