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May 22nd, 2024


About Canadian Content

About Canadian Content

An overview of CCIM

Canadian Content is a unique company bringing forth news, entertainment, and knowledge right to your home computer or anywhere in the world you might be.

Canadian Content's staff is a highly qualified group of individuals with more than 25 years combined experience in website design and editorial research. We pride ourselves on being Canada's first and foremost website to bring forth controversial topics as well as everything that matters most to Canadians.

Today, we are committed to being the largest and most intuitive Canada specific website available on the Internet. There are a lot of reasons to make Canadian Content your source for news, entertainment, and knowledge, but the one you will like the most is the service and quality that you receive.

As Canadian Content continues to develop new and greater ways to fulfill the needs and desires of our users, the road ahead looks golden.

Canadian Content Interactive Media is a privately held company.

A brief history of CCIM

In 1996, Andem Global Internet Solutions was born. A company dedicated to ASP services, web design, content management and media solutions. As the web grew to what we know it today, most of these services became obsolete in small companies while the large corporations had the majority of the market share. There was however a lack of Canadian Content providers on the Internet. In mid-1998, we shifted our focus to content and media on various web sites we operated.

While most of the Canadian portal sites were relying on third-party content and third-party software, we were developing innovative ways to manage content, create original and innovative content and build a community around a flourishing web site.

Before the year 2000 came around, the services that Andem Global Internet Solutions was providing were mainly content to our portal, Canadian Content. After acquiring FutureBC, a local British Columbia information site, we combined to create Canadian Content Interactive Media. A new company with the sole focus on it's web portal sites, where content was our own. Providing services from one side of the spectrum to the other.

Today, Canadian Content and it's staff has a team to provide our users with content updated daily. Whether it be mouth watering recipes by Canadians, daily weather information, controversial commentaries to brighten up your day or a comprehensive search engine and directory. Canadian Content has something for everybody in the family to enjoy.

Our Mission Statement

As the Internet grows, and the web becomes a larger place for markets, content, interactivity and connectivity. Canadian Content Interactive Media strives to provide our Canadian audience with detailed news releases, comprehensive content with searching and browsing and online guides to show people there is more to the Internet than advertising.

We go that extra kilometer to provide the world with our best. With the growing number of Canadians using the Internet, the need for diversity and daily information becomes ever so great.

Our goal, straightforward, is giving Canada an Informative passage to the world and to Canada's Internet.

Through active partnerships and user input, Canadian Content Interactive media will rise above competitors, simply because we have the resources and staffing the others lack.


Christopher Walsh,
President, VP Eastern Affairs

Chris brings years of Internet industry experience. With an extensive background in both business and web technology, Chris is integral to the seamless deployment of new content, continued improvements on existing ones, and exploring new and informative ways to express opinions to the viewing public.

Adam Rutter ,
Senior VP, Western Affairs

Adam brings more than a decade of Internet industry experience. With an extensive background in startup technology, Adam is instrumental in implementing the software technologies needed for Canadian Content.


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