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Update Submitted 30 Sep 2012
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Shapeshifter is an awesome clipboard manager

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ShapeShifter is a freeware addition to the Windows clipboard which takes control over your clipboard and ensures memory is not being hogged.

One of the best things about ShapeShifter is its object selection panel. By pressing CTRL and V, you activate the information panel which displays the menu, objects and groups of objects currently on the clipboard. Before releasing the CTRL-V shortcut, you may select which item is to be pasted. If you hold hit the delete key while holding CTRL-V, the item will be deleted from the clipboard.

Other things such as metadata for videos, music and photos are also accessible with ShapeShifter.

Besides being well-designed with a neat layout, this program is fast and efficient; it is optimized to use as little RAM as possible. Users can copy tons of different items to the clipboard without a noticeable effect on system performance.

Overall, ShapeShifter is one of the best (freeware or not) clipboard extensions out there.

From Flamefusion:

Shapeshifter download is the best clipboard manager out there, and the most maintained one as well. It has been awarded more than 100 5-star awards from different download sites worldwide and has been featured on national TV in Brazil and magazines in Russia. What makes Shapeshifter special is that you don't change your current habbits while using it. Use CTRL + C and CTRL + V like you always do, and you'll notice the extras.

Shapeshifter is licensed as Freeware for the Windows operating system / platform without restrictions. Shapeshifter is available to all software users as a free download (Freeware).

Shapeshifter Virus and Malware Tests:
For security reasons, you should also check out the Shapeshifter virus and malware test that has been uploaded; additional Shapeshifter screenshots may be available, too.


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Shapeshifter Awards:
Shapeshifter has received an Editors' Pick award!
Publisher: Flamefusion
License: Freeware
OS/Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8 (64-bit, 32-bit) / Vista / XP
Filesize: 0.47 MB
Filename: Setup.exe
Cost (Full Version): Free
4 out of 5 based on 15 ratings.
  • This title has received our Editors' Pick award.
  • This file download is licensed as freeware for Windows 7, Windows 8 (64-bit, 32-bit) / Vista / XP.

TrustRank Based on many factors, we give this program a Trust rating of 8 / 10.
Software from Flamefusion, including Shapeshifter - Download is rated 8 out of 10
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