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Update Submitted 10 Mar 2012
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Advanced task manager and system monitor.

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PCSummarizer 2005 is a hardware diagnostic which provides realtime information about your PC system, including CPU load, OS info, uptime, memory load (RAM) and more with a clean user interface. The program can also provide you with options to kill a program (end task) while viewing what type of system resources it may be hogging. It's a wonderful program both for hobbyists, intermediate users and newbies alike.

This software can also perform Windows shutdown operations. Since this application is freeware, we highly recommend it, especially if you're trying to figure out what types of processes are making your Windows PC slow down. The program isn't exceptional but does do some basic tasks.

The program runs in the system tray when not active.

MySoCo has gone under, the download to this application is unfortunately no longer available! Sorry

From MySoCo:

PCSummarizer 2005 download is an advanced task manager and system & hardware monitoring tool for your PC system.

PCSummarizer is licensed as Freeware for the Windows operating system / platform without restrictions. PCSummarizer is available to all software users as a free download (Freeware).

PCSummarizer Virus and Malware Tests:
For security reasons, you should also check out the PCSummarizer virus and malware test that has been uploaded; additional PCSummarizer screenshots may be available, too.


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Publisher: MySoCo
License: Freeware
OS/Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP / NT
Filesize: 1.28 MB
Filename: PCSummarizer2005.exe
Cost (Full Version): Free
5 out of 5 based on 1 rating.
  • This file download is licensed as freeware for Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP / NT.

TrustRank Based on many factors, we give this program a Trust rating of 8 / 10.
Software from MySoCo, including PCSummarizer - Download is rated 8 out of 10
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