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Update Submitted 16 Jun 2011
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MSN Messenger lets you see when your chat.

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Note: This is an ancient version of MSN Messenger and may no longer be compatible with the .NET service.

One of the best known instant messengers worldwide, Microsoft's MSN Messenger comes with a complete set of options such as direct links to your e-mail Inbox, MSN home page, and address book.

MSN Messenger currently includes video and voice conversation options as well as animated winks, shared search, photo swap between you and your friends or a personal music message which displays the track you are listening to while communicating with friends.

There is also a range of funny online games that can be played by two or more peers. Some exciting features of MSN Messenger are the Whiteboard, Remote Assistance and Application Sharing. These features, only available with MSN Messenger give chatters the opportunity to share data or be part in a remote assistance session with partial or complete control of the target workstation.

In version 7.5 you can record a short voice message (up to 15 seconds) that can be played by your peer; you can add an animated graphic as your conversation backgrounds.

From Microsoft:

Note: This is an ancient version of MSN Messenger and may no longer be compatible with the .NET service.

MSN Messenger 7.5 is licensed as Freeware for the Windows operating system / platform without restrictions. MSN Messenger is available to all software users as a free download (Freeware).

MSN Messenger Virus and Malware Tests:
For security reasons, you should also check out the MSN Messenger virus and malware test that has been uploaded; additional MSN Messenger screenshots may be available, too.

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Publisher: Microsoft
License: Freeware
OS/Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP / NT
Filesize: 9.0 MB
Filename: Install_MSN_Messenger.exe
Cost (Full Version): Free
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  • This file download is licensed as freeware for Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP / NT.

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