Freeware Server Tool

GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server 2009

GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server is a freeware utility for ISA Server that allows you to monitor all current connections active on ISA Server..
Download GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server 2009 (from Server Tools)

12.3 MB | For Windows2000,Windows2003 | Free

MobileAdmin (MAD) 1.6

MobileAdmin (MAD) - is the monitoring and control system of servers and server-based applications in the environment of OS Windows..
Download MobileAdmin (MAD) 1.6 (from Server Tools)

2.2 MB | For | Free

Caravan Business Server for Microsoft 3.15-03D

Caravan Business Server is an extremely easy to use comprehensive development and deployment framework which has been used to build Enterprise wide, mission critical Web-based applications..
Download Caravan Business Server for Microsoft 3.15-03D (from Server Tools)

2.6 MB | For | Free

Windows User Management Lite 5.4

UserManagemeNT Lite is the free version of UserManagemeNT Professional, featuring advanced user creation for Windows NT and Active Directory networks including user resources, such as home directories & shares, customizable permissions, group memberships and Exchange mailboxes..
Download UserManagemeNT Lite 5.4 (from Server Tools)

4.06 MB | For | Free

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