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Updated 15 Mar 2011

Dogpile Toolbar

The Dogpile Toolbar (rated the #1 browser plug-in by PC World magazine) delivers the best results from all the leading search engines..
Download Dogpile Toolbar (from Search Engine Tools)

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393 KB | For | Free Toolbar

The Blowsearch bar makes finding information, people and places on the Web quick and easy..
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320 KB | For | Free

AWS Toolbar

Find better results from the Web's leading search engines with AWS Toolbar!.
Download AWS Toolbar (from Search Engine Tools)

919 KB | For | Free


It has never been more simple to look up information in the web - with PractiSearch it is just a matter of dragging and dropping the text to a system tray icon to start searching it in Google..
Download PractiSearch (from Search Engine Tools)

1 MB | For | Free

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