Puzzle Games

LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.12
Official app for creating 3D models with LEGO blocks for design of complex models and art with access to the most popular and obscure blocks made by the Danish company: LEGO Digital Designer, or LDD, is a free computer program produced by the LEGO Group as a part of LEGO Design byME.
185.05 M | For Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XPFree
Paper Folding 3D 1.20
Freeware Chinese Origami Software: Paper Folding 3D is a free art program which allows you to shape paper in all kinds of ways.
9.65 MB | For Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP / NTShareware
Paper Folding 3D Review - Download
Puzzle Inlay 1.45
An addictive puzzle game: With Puzzle Inlay, you Inlay pictures with gems in this arcade-puzzle game.
5 MB | For Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP / NTFree
Puzzle Inlay Review - Download
Tetris 1.74
A remake of the classic Tetris game: Not too much to go into here with regards to this particular iteration of the game we all got addicted to when Game Boy first came out.
0.86 MB | For Windows 7, Windows 8 (64-bit, 32-bit) / Vista / XPFree
Crystal Tetris Review - Download
Polarity is an original platformer and puzzle game which while it may seem like an old idea, actually introduces some new and interesting concepts in its genre.
89.0 MB | For Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XPFree
Polarity Review - Download