What if Canada adopted the US dollar?

By Editing Team
July 24, 2002
As I got my morning National Post a couple weeks ago, a large headline in the front, in bold, said "Canada to adopt US Dollar", or something in those terms. It made me read the article right away. Interestingly enough, they say it will help our economy. Boost it by 30%.

I'm into boosting our economy, but is it worth it when we loose our Canadian identity? We have already lost half of it to the Americans. If we loose our own currency, we could be looked at as the 51st state. As if we aren't already by some naive Americans right now.

Boosting our economy is one thing, but loosing our own currency and taking on the American's dollar is another. In ten years, it might be a different story. Who knows, we could do what the Europeans did, make a North American "Eurodollar", or better yet, a currency for the whole western hemisphere. The point is, is if we loose our currency, it had better not be to the US.

Our economy is growing faster than the American's this year, It could even keep it up. For once we didn't fall into the United States path this year. Our economy is at a steady rate right now [compared to the US].

As the years have gone by, Canada has been "Americanized". This is just one step closer to becoming American. It's no wonder Québec wants to separate from Canada and become it's own country. Taking on the US Dollar would also mean a big deal to Canadians, who love who they are, and love their country, their identity, etc. There's been problems going on in Canada for years, provinces wanting to separate. By adopting the US dollar, that would only stir things up internally. If there is a chance of adopting the US dollar, there had better be a vote on it. This IS supposed to be a democracy, but politicians will do whatever makes money, and if that means becoming American and making money, it will happen.

Canada needs a new parliament administration, people that will help our country grow economically and rise about our biggest rival, the United States. We need new rules and regulations to prevent the large American corporations from taking over our country, the best example right now is Indigo taking over Chapters. This should not be allowed to take place, our government is letting it happen.

Fight back to the Americans, don't be Americanized. Buy Canadian products and services when you have a choice. We can do it.

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