Toronto police arrest dozens in drug sweep

By Editing Staff
March 10, 2008

Toronto Police have announced the results of a five-week undercover operation against drug traffickers that ended Monday in the city's Bloorcourt, Bloordale, Parkdale and Alexandra Park regions.

In total, 96 people were arrested, most of whom lived outside the neighbourhoods affected. Nearly half were free on probation or bail at the time of their arrests, and two men were charged with assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest.

Despite the large number of arrests, police seized only $31,800 worth of cocaine, $800 worth of marijuana and small amounts of other controlled substances, as well as $10,798 in cash.

Founded in 2006, the city's Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy teams will be patrolling the neighbourhoods as part of a "follow-up maintenance program" promised by the police force.

"[W]e can and will improve the quality of life in these communities," promised Detective Sergeant Ed Roseto, who appealed for help from local residents in the four troubled neighbourhoods.

More than a quarter of those arrested were from the homeless or transient populations of the city.