The Conspiracy Cult

By MJ Preston
June 11, 2011
Alex Jones hosts a very popular conspiracy show.
Alex Jones hosts a very popular conspiracy show. -
Warning! What you are about to read is manufactured by "One of them."

Yeah that's right, they got to me, just like the Manchurian Candidate I have been ordered to kill and seek public office. Trouble is, I'm unemployed and that chip they inserted in my right butt cheek is giving me a rash.

Whether it’s the “911 truthers” or “Unraveling the New World Order” the common denominator with most conspiracy sites is that they are filled with scores of people who have abandoned conventional news media for their own version of the facts. That is what you will find with most conspiracy theorists. They believe that the Main Steam Media [MSM] is shilling for a higher power and that the only real news is provided within their own circles.

Conspiracy has become a major pastime for those who are disaffected with their government and news media. The creation of the Internet has fueled a frenzy of interlinking groups who dispense information based (not on fact) but innuendo and falsehoods. From the Kennedy assassination, to Area 51, there has always been an appetite for the believe that governments are only looking to control the people or hide the facts from us, and in some cases there may even be a grain of truth, but the misinformation spread by conspiracy sites often discredits that morsel of truth.

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There are suspicions that the E. coli bacteria outbreak in Germany was man-made and the virus was created in a lab. Do you think the bacteria was created?

Groups like Infowars, hosted by Alex Jones, have been in the Conspiracy for Profit business for quite some time. Not unlike, Coast to Coast AM, formerly hosted by Art Bell and now George Norry, the pitch is that you should never trust your government and that they are always hiding something. The difference between Coast to Coast is that most listeners know that the show is merely entertainment, while with Infowars there is an almost cult following.

A group of Christian activists believe the apocalypse is May 21. We look at the evidence, and the man behind it. --Coast to Coast

Some groups believe that all Countries are now answering to a conglomerate of world bankers who are cycling us through a series of wars for profit. When you cite actual studies that counter this flawed theory you are often accused of being a part of the conspiracy. As an example: The 911 Inside job theory claims that the World Trade Center was not hit by planes, but missiles and that explosives were already placed inside the buildings to facilitate the collapse.

The first question I usually ask is this. “If we have a government capable of bringing down the two largest structures in Manhattan in front of 1000’s of witnesses, why is it they can’t find a couple of WMD in the Iraqi desert to qualify their invasion? One stock answer: "They did this to throw us off."

The fact is the Truthers aren’t seeking the truth. What they are seeking is more misinformation to back up the misinformation that they are already spreading. Show a Truther evidence, they will call it manufactured, question their so called theories and they will accuse you of being “one of them.”

"We saw the helicopter burning, we saw the dead bodies, then everything was removed and now there is nothing," claims Vdare that Navy Seals were killed in Bin Laden Raid.

Sadly, it is the mentally ill who are affected by the rubbish being pumped out for profit. In fact I began getting calls from a woman who read an Op Ed piece I wrote post 911 and she claimed that American soldiers were lighting the oil fields in the first gulf war and that I was either with them or very naïve.

After her calls became too much I succumbed to her accusations and admitted that I was indeed working for the New World Order and would be dispatching a crew to her location.

The calls stopped.

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