Stockwell Day holding down the Alliance

By CC Staff
January 11, 2002
At the beginning of the Canadian Alliance, and the highlight of Stockwell Day's career, the newly formed reform party was the biggest rival of the Canadian Federal Liberals which is still in power, but with the past few months, support has dropped dramatically for Stockwell Day and his right-wing party.

Support for the party has dropped so much, the leader was considering leaving the party. And recently, 12 MP's were kicked out of the party because they no longer supported the alliance and asked their leader, Stockwell Day, to step down. Stockwell Day insists he cannot step down because of the apparent "supporters" of him, which has dropped recently to 48% of the Alliance supporters.

Will the party last? That's the question people, supporters, and ex-supporters ask themselves, as the chances of the Alliance getting into power any time soon is slim to none.

Recently in the news, there was some talk about merging the Canadian Alliance with the Progressive Conservatives. Not that Joe Clark would go for anything along those lines because he's "not conservative enough", but if they did merge, it could bring more power to a new party formerly Alliance and PC. Not something that will happen now, because the PC is gaining the supporters that the Alliance is losing, but it is something that both parties might look at doing if things don't improve.

Should Stockwell Day resign? The answer is "Yes!" If he wants the Canadian Alliance to survive at all, he should resign and let the Canadian Alliance prosper. It's really the only thing that will effectively gain support back for the party.

I'm a proud supporter of the Alliance, but like most, my support for Day has dropped. Day's party shouldn't be dragged down with him, it's not fair, and it's not right.