Stereotypes in society

By Ally Taylor
January 07, 2003
As I sit here and think to myself, I wonder what society has come to today. There is so much crap with all of the stereotyped models that are in fashion and in the media today. As I sat in class my grade 12 class, people were saying that they are different than the media. If there were words to describe what was coming out of their mouths, I would have to say it was disgusting, disgraceful, and hurtful. I sat and listened to girls and guys explain their thoughts on how everyone should be skinny, because it is not fair to them for having to work so hard to stay fit, and that it hurts their eyes to look at "fat" people. They all say that they are against the media stereotyping women and men, but they themselves stereotype as much as they do. I came home and looked at myself in the mirror. What I found was also disgusting, gross, and I also immediately started to compare myself to someone in a magazine. The media is just a bunch of liars, because no one is that perfect, and that skinny.

I have been fighting a weight problem for many years, and I know that I will never be the 5'10, 115 lb model with huge breasts, and beautiful figure, but even if I was to be happy with myself, would everyone else agree with me? would they be happy for who I was on the outside? or would they still judge me because of my weight and what I appear to be? If everyone were to be "thin" or "skinny" the world would be dull, and boring. Every day of my life, I think to myself "why can't I be like that?" If anyone thinks that it is easier to be overweight then they are wrong. You may work out, and work hard, and stay fit, to be happy, but you dont have to deal with all of the hurtful things that come out of peoples mouths, and deal with what you look like every day, and think that you aren't accepted by the opposite sex because you are overweight. Being thin has its ups and downs aswell, but it's nothing compared to what it is being overweight. So many emotions run through your head, wondering what people think of you.

Being overweight isnt a piece of "cake". It comes along with alot of down times. I think that people don't look at me, for who I am inside, but really they are looking at me for is on the outside. Most of the time, I am not considered pretty, desirable, likable, or sexy.... yet people look at me, and just say shes "fat" and keep going on their merry way, and not even give me a chance to show them that I to am just like them, but just in different proportions. It's not an easy thing to lose weight on your own, without any support, it is so hard, that you feel as if you don't even want to go on any longer. You want to be accepted so much, that you emotionally and physically break down. The media today has brought this upon our society today, and I hate them for it.

I am not saying that everyone does this, but the mass majority of society does today. To think that It was considered, sexy and desirable to be overweight at one point in time. When these topics arise in capp, it makes me want to run away like a dog with its tail between its legs, because I look around, and it feels as if I am being pin pointed, and it is very emotionally traumatizing. So don't think that being overweight is easy. In the long run, everything will catch up to everyone, whether they are thin or not. What most people dont see, is that I am here to help people, and just give them all the love that I have to give, but the only thing that I get in return is hatred, and deceit. To all of the people who do stereotype, I must say to you that I am never going to give up, and I will one day defeat being overweight.