Shaw boosting Internet speeds

By Christian Ericssen
April 20, 2011
Shaw to boost Internet speeds
Shaw to boost Internet speeds -
Western-Canadian giant Shaw has promised to boost speeds for its basic cable-based high-speed Internet service.

This comes with the growing demand for high-speed packages which consume bandwidth from a range of online services, mostly video, like Netflix, Youtube and online gaming.

"It's an exciting time at Shaw as we begin to create a world-class Internet product, giving our customers the ultimate experience in connectivity and entertainment," said the company president in a press release.

"The Shaw Extreme speed upgrade is just the first spark of a whole new world of entertainment and offerings to come."

The mid-priced "Extreme" will increase download rates from 15 Megabits-per-second to around 25Mbit. Upload rates will also see an increase from 1Mbit to 2.5Mbit.

Customers will automatically be upgraded over the next month with no additional charges.

The increases are surely welcome, but how many users will see themselves going over the proposed bitcap which made waves across the country last month? Shaw is still consulting with its customers on that. As it stands, the limit for downloading remains at 100GB per month.