NDP gains another seat at expense of Conservatives

By damngrumpy
May 15, 2011
Jack Layton, Official Opposition and NDP leader
Jack Layton, Official Opposition and NDP leader -
The election may be over but Jack Layton's smile just got a little bigger today.

Another Tory riding has changed colours after a Judicial Recount. Conservative member Bernard Genereux, had initially won the seat by a narrow margin.

A recount discovered the NDP were shortchanged by a hundred votes that went to the Greens instead. After that recount, the NDP had the seat by a few votes.

A third recount a Judicial Recount confirmed the NDP victory by just 9 votes. Its now NDP 103 the Conservatives 166.

The extra seat ties the NDP with Joe Clark's Progressive Conservatives from 1980 as the largest ever Official Opposition to a majority government.

Interesting this election is just like the winter, it refuses to go away.

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