Natural alternatives: Does your doctor know best?

By Alexandra Romlewski
January 02, 2006
Sometimes it feels like I am drifting through life, just accepting what anyone says and not bothering to question why. For example, when you catch a virus and go to the clinic, the doctor prescribes you a drug to take. Do you ask about the drug, or do you blindly trust that this stranger knows what is best for you? Have you ever tried asking a doctor about alternative cures – not just traditional drugs, but natural solutions? I have. They get this dumbstruck look on their face and then reply that they simply don't know of any natural cures for your ailment.

It makes me wonder if the drug companies have bought all of our doctors, or brainwashed them, and have proceeded to brainwash us to accept the mindset of a “miracle drug” for every type of sickness, even if it doesn't work. How many people with cancer have benefited from radiation therapy? And at what cost? Do they have any life left in them after the treatment? Their hair is gone and their faces are pale. This is supposed to make the cancer go away – if you can survive the treatment. What about all the recalls on drugs like Vioxx that cause heart problems to an extent that the company would lose millions of dollars and their credibility to recall the drug. It makes me wonder what they put in that stuff.

Why is it in science that we aren’t cautious about things that seem too good to be true? In relationships, if things are going too well, our instincts take over and we wait and prepare for some sort of disaster. But if a scientist has made it and the FDA approves, then it has to be safe. They would never do something for their own benefit that could harm the public. It might not affect you now but maybe in a few years when those headaches won’t go away. Alas the cycle will continue. You go to the doctor and get a prescription for the miracle drug that you have now become dependent on.

If you have read this far I suspect you might be thinking, “It can't possibly be that bad.” or even worse, “There are other people working on problems like these.” Prove me wrong. Next time you visit your doctor, ask questions. Perform an all out interrogation if you want. You have the right to.

Technically you are paying a small portion of his salary (supplemented by perks from the drug companies). Ask for alternate cures, vitamins, and daily habits you need to change. Remember that they are your advisor, not your boss. Also, next time you go grocery shopping, look up what junk is on the ingredients list. You may be surprised at how many of those ingredients you can't even pronounce, let alone explain.

It’s time to stop letting people make decisions for us and start taking responsibility for ourselves and our own well-being. Do not be afraid to question things. Don’t just accept everything you hear to be true. Not everyone out there is on your side. Most just want to make an extra buck or don’t have a clue as to what they are talking about. If everyone started doing this don’t you think there would be some drastic changes? Change for the better starts with just one person. Now let me ask, is that person going to be you?