Kate Middleton arrives at Abbey for final rehearsal

By Blackleaf
April 28, 2011
William and Kate
William and Kate -AP
Kate Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey in central London this morning for the final rehearsal of her wedding to be cheered by a crowd of thousands as Royal Wedding fever - and the feelgood factor - spreads across the UK.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have set up camp opposite the Abbey so they can get a good view of tomorrow morning's proceedings. The wedding ceremony - which will be watched by 2 billion people worldwide - will begin at 11am and when Kate leaves the Abbey at 12:15am with her new husband she will officially be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine.

For the rehearsal she was joined by best man Prince Harry, as well as the bridesmaids and pageboys and members of her family.

And, at dawn yesterday, the British servicemen and women who are taking part in the Great British Pomp and Pageantry - including the Household Cavalry and the 24 soldiers who will form the guard of honour for the newlyweds as they leave the 1,000 year old Abbey - also rehearsed to ensure the huge event goes without a hitch.

In a personal message to wellwishers, Wills and Kate said they were 'incredibly moved' by the affection shown to them since their engagement in the official wedding programme.

Kate will pledge to 'love, comfort, honour and keep' William.

The soon-to-be royal is following in the footsteps of the Prince's mother Diana who also opted not to 'obey' the Prince of Wales during their wedding ceremony in 1981.

And with William choosing not to wear a wedding ring, only the prince will say 'With this ring I thee wed' as he places the golden band on Kate's finger.

The Queen, Princess Margaret and the Princess Royal all said they would obey their husbands.

William and his fiancee have selected the Series One Book of Common Prayer ceremony, from 1966, which allows the bride to drop 'obey him' and 'serve him' from the religious proceedings.

The programme also contains a hand-drawn colour map of the carriage procession route, as well as the history of the abbey and details of William and Kate's coats of arms.

It includes a brief history of past Royal Weddings at the abbey, where almost
every monarch since William the Conqueror in 1066 has been crowned.

It declares: 'More than a millennium after the first William made his solemn oath, the abbey hosts another William and his bride for a further moment of great solemnity, but one of great joy as well.'

Some 150,000 copies of the A5 booklet, costing £2 each, will be made available along the processional route on the wedding day by a team of military cadets and Explorer Scouts.

It was also revealed today that the Syrian ambassador has beem de-invited to the wedding.

With just less than 19 hours to go Royal Wedding fever has hit the UK with hundreds of street parties to take place across the nation.

An ICM poll has revealed massive support for the monarchy. 63% of the British people think that the country will be worse off without the monarchy and three-quarters believe that the wedding will generate a feelgood factor amongst the British people. The most popular Royal is Prince William, with an approval rating of 78%, followed by the Queen at 71% and Kate Middleton at 70%.

West End retailers forecasted that the Royal Wedding will have a big impact on trade – with 500,000 additional shoppers bringing in a £50m Royal Wedding boost to sales.

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