By Michael Levy
August 10, 2002

The net is growing and people with slow connections such as dialup hate wasting their time waiting for banners to load and thus makes your waiting time increase for no reason. I'm not saying banners are a bad thing, but sometimes it just gets annoying when someone puts a very large one and takes may be over a minute to load the page where without the banners it would take about 10 seconds.

I have tested software from Zeroknowledge with their famous Freedom where you could surf the net and no one could trace you. Well that service is not free anymore, but they are back in the same market by providing a new service where it is free and it bundles a form filler, a cookie manager, a firewall and an ad manager to remove those unwanted banners.

Well there are a few bad things about this that they didn't work out.

1.AOL and Compuserve people can't use this because of incompatibilities which won't allow you to connect
2.Free ISPs for those people who subscribe to an ISP that has banners showing it will not work with this
3.Internet connection sharing since it requires a direct connection to the net

This program helps you save time and effort when going to sites that require you to login and all, but at what cost does form filler have to you? Well unlike IE or NS which has that feature and anyone using this feature is at risk of someone going in and pretending to be you and gets access. The way Freedom works is that it uses nyms, where this limits the person trying to get onto your computer and pretend to be you.

Well for the ultra secure feeling, if you subscribe to Freedom Premium services, which were free that time for beta testers about 2 years ago, this program would mask your IP and log onto their servers, this means virtually no traceability back to you. The reason for the charge is that it needs money to maintain the servers possible for you to use.

If you have an ISP or something like that and you want to be able to mask your IP, ZeroKnowledge has a plan where you could buy a server from them and connect the computers to it and surf privately and safely.

If you want to try out the free package go to