Canada's new Governor General

By Christian Ericssen
October 02, 2010

Canada's new Governor General

As the country says goodbye to Haitian-born MichaŽlle Jean as their defacto head of state, academic David Lloyd Johnston will be installed as the Governor General of Canada, the official representative of the Queen.

David Johnston has distinguished himself during a long career in the academics, known for bringing people together and according to his friends, he still has the common touch.

Leaving his current post as the President of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, he's a Harvard graduate and has also studied at the University of Cambridge and Queens University.

His long career in the academics has seen him as a professor teaching law at many high-ranking universities across Canada before eventually giving up his position at McGill to become the President at Waterloo in 1999.

During his young years as a professor, he also become acquainted with one of Canada's most well-remembered Prime Ministers, Pierre Trudeau and his wife.

Johnston has also been involved in politics, probably most remembered as the chair of the commission of the Airbus Affair. He was also involved in the "No" campaign in Quebec's 1995 separation referendum.

His predecessor, MichaŽlle Jean will be joining a special envoy to Haiti for the UN.

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