Canada faces skilled IT shortage

By Daniel Rose
June 07, 2003
"Experts" tell us there is a skilled IT worker shortage in Canada. Forty-six percent of Canadian business owners see a big problem in the lack of skilled workers in Canada. A quick look at any of the major job sites,, and so on, shows a story of a different nature.

Many of these IT Recruiters are simply asking too much. They all want a university degree, they all want massive amounts of experience, and most of them want to pay the minimum. Who, I ask, has a five-year university degree, ten years of experience, and is going to take an entry-level position that pays approximately $35,000. "Nobody" is the answer.

Another problem comes along when today's young people try to get positions in high tech industries. Without any "qualifications" you can go nowhere. Why? Today's skills are largely self-taught, thanks to the Internet. It seems, however, that companies are not willing to accept these skills. Even certifications from highly recognized companies such as Compaq or Dell are not taken seriously. No longer is training and certification provided on the job, but candidates are expected to pay the huge asking amounts for courses themselves, only to be overlooked as lacking qualifications.

What these IT recruiters ask for is simply disgusting. There are no skilled workers? It seems to me that there is a lack of skilled recruiters. If they are unable to find someone who is willing to leave their high paying job of 15 years to pursue an entry level position, they may just have to up the ante. If they truly want an entry-level employee, they may just have to drop their requirements a little.

Companies are welcome to moan all they like about their supposed "IT Skills Shortage", but it won't change the fact that you don't get something for nothing. These employers have to understand that. What is it that these companies are doing to fix this situation? Did they ever consider hiring someone and then training him or her if they do not perform up to standard? It really is amazing to see someone complain, yet do absolutely nothing about it.

Perhaps people would benefit from more skills, but in my opinion the prospective employer should pay for these qualifications. Hey, how essential is that MCSE certification to your social life?

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