Freeware Internet Utility

Updated 8 Aug 2020

Software Search Toolbar Original

Software Search - software and screensavers search directly from browser with 2 clicks..
Download Software Search Toolbar Original (from Internet Utilities)

250 KB | For | Free

Space Navigator

Custom fun browser for space freaks with links included, made with BrowserBob..
Download Space Navigator (from Internet Utilities)

1.4 MB | For | Free

Software Search Toolbar

Software Search - software and screensavers search directly from browser with 2 click..
Download Software Search Toolbar (from Internet Utilities)

240 KB | For | Free

GameNet Browser Suite

GameNet Browser Suite is a FREE accelerated tabbed web browser which comes replete with the Game Accelerator, Download Accelerator, Automated Game Server Monitor (aGSM), the iPOPMusic Service, iPOPGames, PlayMod Plug-in, Unlimited FREE Dial-Up Access and High-speed Internet Access..
Download GameNet Browser Suite (from Internet Utilities)

140 KB | For | Free

KeyTools GetEmAll KybIE (Lite)

Get selected links with one keypress, browse offline later in Internet Explorer With this IE accessory, you can use Internet Explorer as an offline browser Select multiple threads or replies on a message board and get them all at once..
Download KeyTools GetEmAll KybIE (Lite) (from Internet Utilities)

2.1 MB | For | Free

Local Website Archive

Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store websites from your browser permanently for future reference..
Download Local Website Archive (from Internet Utilities)

1 MB | For | Free

Bookmark Master

Bookmark Master is a Windows Internet Explorer assistant utility which allows you to manage your bookmarks, and works between different browsers in order to sync bookmarks between Opera, sync bookmarks between Firefox and others. A review of Bookmark Master has also been published.
Download Bookmark Master (from Internet Utilities)

1.4 MB | For | Free

Miraplacid Form Lite

Miraplacid Form is for filling out and printing scanned forms or forms in read-only documents. A review of Miraplacid Form Lite has also been published.
Download Miraplacid Form Lite (from Internet Utilities)

373 KB | For Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP / NT | Free

DRS 2006 Webreceiver

With the DRS 2006 Webreceiver you can manage all your favorite internet radio stations and listen to them by just a single click..
Download DRS 2006 Webreceiver (from Internet Utilities)

2.9 MB | For | Free


GetFileSize is an Internet Explorer add-on that allows you to find out the size of a file before downloading it..
Download GetFileSize (from Internet Utilities)

448 KB | For | Free

Recall Toolbar

Recall Toolbar is a better browser history..
Download Recall Toolbar (from Internet Utilities)

723 KB | For | Free

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