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Update Submitted 9 Dec 2013
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LookSafe has developed some of today's best-in-class blacklisting technology so that you never end up on a page that could place you in danger of those common Internet risks we always hear about, such as malware, spyware, phishing sites, etc. We protect you from becoming infected as we proactively stop attacks before you even have a chance to access them.

Unlike other DNS services which may have as many as 5%-8% of their queries as false positives, LookSafe strives to ensure that our clearinghouse of phishing sites is accurate and offers a superior level of protection to our clients. Your personal information, passwords, usernames and bank account information could be for sale to the highest bidder.

Version 1 is a freeware program which does not have restrictions and it's free so it doesn't cost anything.

Virus and Malware Tests:
For security reasons, you should also check out the Looksafe virus and malware test that has been uploaded; additional screenshots of this application download may be available, too.


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Publisher: Flipside
License: Freeware
OS/Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP
Filesize: 189 KB
Filename: LookSafeBundle.exe
Cost (Full Version): Free
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  • This file download is licensed as freeware for Windows 7, Windows 8 / Vista / XP.

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