Map of Guinea
Map of Guinea

Introduction to Guinea

The Republic of Guinea (French: République de Guinée) is a nation in West Africa. It borders Guinea-Bissau and Senegal on the north, Mali on the north and north-east, the Côte d'Ivoire on the south-east, Liberia on the south, and Sierra Leone on the west. Its territory encompasses the water source for the Niger, Senegal, and Gambia rivers, with a coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean. The name Guinea (geographically assigned to most of Africa's west coast, south of the Sahara desert and north of the Gulf of Guinea) originates from Berber and roughly translates into 'land of the blacks.'
Flag of Guinea
Flag of Guinea

Official Canadian government advisories for travelling to, in and around Guinea

The Canadian government and Canadian Content advises against all travel to the region(s) specified below.

You are advised against all travel to the areas bordering Liberia, Sierra Leone and Côte d'Ivoire, as a result of continued military activity and banditry. There is a risk of renewed inter-ethnic violence in and around the town of N'Zérékoré, in Guinea Forestière. The border with Côte d'Ivoire is closely monitored by local authorities and the army.
Country Data
Population 9,246,462
Capital City Conakry (Guinea)
Major Cities(s) Conakry
Major Religion(s) Muslim 85%, Christian 8%, indigenous beliefs 7%
Language French (100%)
Physical Size 245,857 km²
Land Area 245,857 km²
Water Area 0 km²